my weekly review ♥

Hello my name is Nicola, and this is my weekly review.

 Monday: we had P.E and we played indoor hockey, and we done our 2x table test, we worked on area and perimeter and irregular shapes.

Tuesday: we had library, we got new homework and we worked on area and perimeter again. Wednesday: we had music and played a song called Rocky Mountain on the ukulele, after recess we had Maths Groups.

 Thursday: we had bounce back but we got split up into 2 groups (A & B) and group A went today but i wasn’t in it, and we have Lab and after recess we have Maths Groups again. 

  Friday: tomorrow we have Miss Warren as our teacher and we have been working on convicts with her and then we have 5/6 sport.

 so that’s my weekly review.