Lorin Nicholson the blind Guitarist

hi my name is Nicola,

On Friday the 24th of September there was a guy that came to our school and his name was Lorin Nicholson. Lorin was a AWESOME guitarist and only had 6% of his sight left! Lorin had 3 albums and he also had a book about when he was little. Lorin played lots of his songs and told us lots of his story’s. If you want any more information about Lorin Nicholson go to http://www.blindcourage.com or http://blindguitarist.com.

5 thoughts on “Lorin Nicholson the blind Guitarist

  1. hi nicola
    its amazing how someone as blind as that can play a guitar just knowing the feel of the strings would all it would take to play a guitar anyway.

  2. Nicola your blog is very interesting. I really like all of the detail you put into it. I think its amazing that with only 6% of his sight left can play guitar. I would love to meet him. I hope after you read this you come and read my bog. Hopefully I’ll talk to you later.

  3. I really hope you visit my blog. I still want to meet the guitar player. My blog URL is 2017tej.edublogs.org. Come visit and comment. I just psted something new.

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