My Weekly Review….♥

This is my weekly review…….

Monday: First day back at school after a week off because of moving house 🙂 And then we had P.E….

Tuesday: We had library and  l done some Narrative writing….

Wednesday: We had Music and watched a bit of a movie in music about a group of school students that are really good at playing the ukele, and they got to go to Monolulu, Hawaii.

Thursday: We had Lab…..and i finished my narative…

Friday: we had Miss Waren for the last time because she is leaving and we have to present our convict work even though Dani and I have nothing done…..


so thats my weekly review…… ♥

Storybird! ☼

Today the 18th of August our teacher Mr. L  showed us storybird, storybird is a online site where you can choose different sorts of characters. You get to make your own online story book using the range of characters you have chosen.

I made 2 stories today, 1 was called ‘My Family and Freinds’ that was about a girl named Lucy showing who her friends and family were.

The 2nd one was a random one that i had made at home it was called ‘ The adventures of Bob’s boring life’ this one was about a blob named Bob and what happends to him of a day, and lots of other random things.

Nicola 🙂

my weekly review ♥

Hello my name is Nicola, and this is my weekly review.

 Monday: we had P.E and we played indoor hockey, and we done our 2x table test, we worked on area and perimeter and irregular shapes.

Tuesday: we had library, we got new homework and we worked on area and perimeter again. Wednesday: we had music and played a song called Rocky Mountain on the ukulele, after recess we had Maths Groups.

 Thursday: we had bounce back but we got split up into 2 groups (A & B) and group A went today but i wasn’t in it, and we have Lab and after recess we have Maths Groups again. 

  Friday: tomorrow we have Miss Warren as our teacher and we have been working on convicts with her and then we have 5/6 sport.

 so that’s my weekly review.

My Weekly Review!

Hey my name is Nicola,

and this is my weekly review…..


Monday: We had P.E and in P.E we done an obstacle course.

Tuesday: We had Library and we worked on shapes and angles.

Wednesday: We had our second Maths Groups, and i’m in Miss Davies.

Thursday: (today)- We have Maths Groups again and today we have the most awesome teacher for the whole day and she is Miss Collins! Xx  Also some lab time with Mr. Lamb.

Friday: (tomorrow)- We have 5/6 sport.

so that about it thanks 🙂     By Nicola


Tomorrow (Thursday the 4th of may) we are going to Agfest with the school.

 I can’t wait!  We get to bring $20 and we are allowed to where free clothes but only our pants.

A few parents have volunteeredto take groups at Agfest.

In each group there are about 4-6 people, in my group there are 6 people.

A few people went last year with the school as well like me.

At Afest there are lot of freebies! Like stickers, mini frisbees, pens, photo’s and some samples of dog food for your dog to try out (down where the sheep dog shows were) plus a lot more stuff!

There were lots of different stalls and shops there!

Well can’t wait to go! there is my post about Agfest hope you enjoyed it!


Mr.lamb told our class to write about a place that we wanted to go or live so here is mine.                           

I would like to live in Melbourne until i finished High School. Then move back to Tassie. I want to live there because it has cheap transport it also has much more range of shops and heaps more space in the city to walk or ride around. i really want to live in Melbourne because it has underground shops like the Pancake Parlor and other ones.

Lorin Nicholson the blind Guitarist

hi my name is Nicola,

On Friday the 24th of September there was a guy that came to our school and his name was Lorin Nicholson. Lorin was a AWESOME guitarist and only had 6% of his sight left! Lorin had 3 albums and he also had a book about when he was little. Lorin played lots of his songs and told us lots of his story’s. If you want any more information about Lorin Nicholson go to or